Byron "Mr. Talkbox" Chambers Releases New Single: “Keep On Climbing”

The long awaited and much anticipated new single from Mr. Talkbox is now available for download on iTunes and it is certainly worth the wait. The new song “Keep On Climbing” is one that will encourage the soul to realize the truth that Jesus will always be beside us, so never give up.

keeponclimbing“Keep On Climbing” promises to be an uplifting anthem in a more tangible way as well: proceeds from the song will go to help fund The Revival of Detroit at the KLOVE Hope Center and to help rescue at-risk youth from the inner city streets of Detroit. For more information on this project, or to give directly to the KLOVE Hope Center, please visit

Revealing the story behind the song, Mr. Talkbox shares that this new single was inspired by personal challenges in his life. "My life has been full of great victories. While simultaneously my life has had a lot of disappointments," he says. "So during the time myself and the other writers (Josh Silverburg & Kipp Williams) began to talk about writing a song, they asked me to talk about where I was in my life."

"At that particular time, I was dealing with giving up. On life and my music career. Over a period of years, I wasn’t getting the results in life and music that I’d wanted. So it all crashed down on me. I felt like quitting. But as hard as that seems, I’ve always been a person that through the toughest times, through experiencing anything negative, I try to find the positive side of it! And that’s how 'Keep On Climbing' was given birth," he explains.


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