Matthew West's Call To Action With "Untold"

Matthew West announces the launch of "Untold," a positive, heartfelt call to action around the gift of life and the powerful purpose God has for each and every child, planned or unplanned. West has written a new song, produced an associated music video, and published, an online outlet to experience real stories and resources.

matthewwest2016West explains that this project was inspired by a thank you letter he received after he was asked to perform a benefit concert for a crisis pregnancy center in Dallas, Texas. "Weeks later, I received a thank you letter from the organization and one sentence they wrote struck me. 'We hope that you might someday feel inspired to tell the story of the unborn.' That experience at the pregnancy center and their compelling request moved me to write 'Untold.'"

"But I wanted to go even deeper than just a song. I wanted to highlight some true stories that provide each one of us with a window inside the difficult choice many are faced with. My hope is that this song along with the stories and resources will be a positive and sincere voice offering people a greater understanding of the value of life and the hope each child should have for a future. I also pray it will serve to honor and inspire ministries, churches, organizations, and individuals who courageously share hope and life-affirming options to all those in need, along with forgiveness and compassion for those who seek it."

He continues, "Why now? For many churches, the month of January is one where they focus on the sanctity of life. It’s also a time where we as a nation are reminded of the anniversary of the controversial Roe v. Wade case, which seems to thrust the topic of abortion into the spotlight each year. I’ve found that music can be powerful and often times cuts through to the heart of the matter. We see this as a way to approach a difficult topic in a sincere and heartfelt way, which is why I felt the time was now for a song like this to be heard."

Watch the moving video below and for more information, visit

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