Zach Loomis To Release "Captivate" January 15, 2016

Worship leader, Zach Loomis, will release his debut solo project, Captivate, January 15th. The album is being released through Influence Music, which is a division of Loomis’s home church, Journey Community, in Cleveland, Ohio. The record features 12 songs that were co-written by Loomis, the worship team at Journey, and such notable songwriters as Stu G (Delirious), Chris McClarney (“Love Never Fails”), Dwayne Larring (SonicFlood) and Travis Ryan (“We Believe”). Captivate will be distributed by Provident Distribution and will be available at all retail and online music outlets, including iTunes.


“This project is such a community effort,” says Loomis. “Our church has rallied behind it financially, in prayer and encouragement. Never once did I feel I was on my own. Even though I’ve been given the freedom to speak and say what God has been showing me, this project belongs to our church.”

Loomis adds, “The church decided to release Captivate nationally because we believe that God has called us to bring Him glory and to help people take one more step toward God. Now more than ever, it is vital that we draw people into His presence where they are truly transformed. I believe Captivate does just that.”

Captivate was a year in the making and focuses on being “captivated” by God, while delivering messages of His constant presence and faithfulness. The mid-tempo “There’s No One Like You” reaffirms how God is the One and only, while the powerful ballad and title track exalts, Oh what love, what sacrifice/What kind of love broke through the night/hat kind of King would die for me/You gave it all so now I sing. “Exalted One” features a banjo tinged up-tempo declaration of God’s endurance, with “There Is A King” and “Faithful” reinforcing the saving ministry of Jesus. The album closes with the thoughtful and soothing, “In The Stillness,” about the pursuit and experience of the presence of God.

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Zach Loomis was born in North Carolina and experienced several moves growing up since his father was a pastor. His main interests growing were music and baseball, with music growing into his one purpose and calling. He started honing his musical skills at the different churches where his father served as pastor, until he eventually became a worship leader on staff at Journey Community Church. With songwriting becoming his main passion, he began developing songs to help people experience Jesus. His tunes were featured on Journey’s first church-wide album Not Forgotten. In August 2015, Loomis’ song, “There Is A King,” was included in the compilation project Soar from Influence Music that featured the Assemblies of God best organic worship nationwide.

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