Natalie Grant Asks For Prayers As Daughter Hospitalized In ICU

We pause to offer our thoughts and prayers for Natalie Grant and her 8-year-old daughter, Grace, who is currently hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit.

NGgracesickICULate Sunday night, Natalie shared that Grace had been hospitalized with pneumonia, an Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infection, and a partially collapsed lung and was in respiratory distress. On Monday, Natalie provided an update on social media saying that her daughter remains in the ICU with some signs of improvement.

"I am overwhelmed by all of your prayers and love for my Gracie-girl...All of this sent her asthma in to overdrive. She's exhausted, I'm exhausted but we know that God is completely in control, and we have peace in the midst of chaos. A few hours ago, Gracie's breathing finally started showing signs of improvement!!! So thank you for your continued prayers," Natalie wrote on Facebook.

Please join us in praying for Grace and all those battling illnesses of the body, mind and spiri.

UPDATE from Natalie 12/29: "The outpouring of love and prayer from literally hundreds of thousands of you has blessed our hearts more than words can say. We are overwhelmed with gratitude. Gracie has made some improvement today, hallelujah!! Her breathing has really improved and her heart rate has finally come way down! Still in the ICU, but her lungs are slowly improving. Continued prayer request: SpO2 will improve. No more areas of lung collapse in her right lung. RSV to subside so her body will be stronger to fight the pneumonia. Thank you. I love the family of God."

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