Matthew West Thanksgiving Song; New Book Ships November 30

Grammy nominated CCM singer/songwriter Matthew West wished fans a Happy Thanksgiving through a rather unique means this year. West and his band shared a brief Thanksgiving song packed full of "gobbles" via newsletter today.

matthewwestthanksgivingAlso recently announced, Matthew's new book, Today Is Day One will start shipping November 30th! Today is Day One of the rest of your life. God’s mercies are fresh every day. Yesterday’s failures, losses, and even sins are behind you and forgiven. Each day is an amazing new gift from God and should be lived with joy, grace, and gratitude. This is a perfect gift and resource for yourself or a friend. Start 2016 (or now) with daily thoughts on how you can have a lifetime of Day Ones.

Head on over to Matthew West's online store to purchase the new book as well as some cool bundle packages.

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