Eric Heron Melds Relevant Rap With Indie Pop On 'Golden Hour'

Eric Heron is a model of consistency and an artist whose evolution is imminent with every release. From Afterglow to Neon, and now to Golden Hour, you’ll see an artist who’s potential is fully realized.

This is Eric Heron’s masterpiece and the culmination of many nights perfecting his craft in the studio and collaborating with people who bring out the best in him. This might be the end of a series, but it’s the start of a career.

Golden Hour is the Finale to the ‘A Somewhat ____’ album series I began nearly 2 years ago with my debut album Afterglow: A Somewhat Complicated Story. It feels like a lifetime since I released that album and words can't describe how grateful I feel to see all the fans of the music that have joined me for the ride since then," he explained. “This is my best compilation of work to date, and more importantly the best indication of my direction and sound. I feel like I finally broke into finding who I am as an artist and what I want to create with this one, I hope you enjoy.”

Golden Hour: A Somewhat Regal Finale Tracklist:
1. King / A Somewhat Regal Intro [Produced By Signature Nation]
2. How U Feel? (ft. Micah Hampton) [Produced By Fvmeless & Micah Hampton]
3. 2005 [Produced By Ryan Vetter & 100graham]
4. Don’t (ft. Paul Russell) [Produced By Ryan Vetter]
5. Frieza / A Somewhat Regal interlude [Produced By PoetiCS]
6. Most Nights (ft. Vic Sage) [Produced By Ryan Vetter]
7. All Black [Produced By Ryan Vetter]
8. Heartbeat (ft. Dondi) [Produced By Colson Kelly & Exhale]
9. Rtd / A Somewhat Regal Outro [Produced By OnBeatMusic & Egomi]
10. Aces (ft. Shiwan & MrGalaxy) [Bonus Track] [Produced By epic1beatz & Ryan Vetter]

Eric Heron has already dropped four singles from this project and has racked up an impressive resume in his few years as an artist. He was named as a 2018 Freshmen. His song “DAWN” featuring Antoine Bradford and WHATUPG has nearly half-a-million plays. Heron also dropped the highly successful joint EP Duos with OnBeatMusic.