Cephas Drops "KNGDM State Of Mind Pt. 1" Music Video

Even though Cephas has had his hands in many aspects of the music industry... the one area he had yet to embark on until recently was being a solo artist. Hence, we present to you "KNGDM State Of Mind Pt.1-3"... a three part freestyle video series highlighting Cephas as an Emcee and recording artist... not just as a producer & DJ.

"KNGDM State of Mind Pt 1": the theme throughout is the importance of taking a bold stand against the corrupt powers that seek to control the minds and lives of the people. From addressing police brutality in his hometown of Cleveland to highlighting the crooked mainstream media conglomerates Cephas boldly calls out these sources of modern day injustice with his lines:

"But we only speak truth
Type to set the captives free
We all know the news lace they pocket off our tragedy
They'd love to see another school shooting
So pretty soon every student
Would have to be packing heat"

Seeing the overwhelming amount of injustice, heartache, and pain in the world… Cephas seeks to point out the urgency by which we must reach the lost and broken declaring:

"Never take life for granted
Like we was facing time
Souls weigh
In the balance so distractions say goodbye
Cuz you know we saving lives
From hells flames
See the world through the saviors eyes"

Ultimately, having a KNGDM State of Mind is about looking through the lens of our savior. And that's exactly the solution Cephas provides in hopes to turn the broken hearted and hurting towards the only source of true freedom and healing… Jesus.