Steven Malcolm Opens Up About Relationship With His Father

The BOOST 101.9 morning show with JBo and Yoshi interviewed Steven Malcolm in honor of Father’s Day. In the interview, Steven opened up about the inspiration for his latest project and his relationship with his dad.

The last time Steven saw his dad was when he was 9 years-old. His dad was busted for selling drugs and was deported back to Jamaica. For his most recent album, “The Second City,” Steven travelled to his dad’s hometown, Montego Bay Jamaica, for inspiration and to find out more about his heritage. The music features a Jamaican vibe and focuses on redemption and his dad’s legacy.

In the interview, Steven talks about growing up without a father and turning to God as his Heavenly Father. He stated that his dad was a great father when he was around but chose to “chase money instead of raising a son.” Steven learned a lot through watching his dad’s example and is now intentional about not placing money above the people he values. When an opportunity is presented, he asks himself, “is it beneficial for the long run for my family? Does is honor God and honor people?” JBo, of the BOOST 101.9 morning show, was inspired by Steven’s interview and said, “I admire that Steven doesn’t shy away when it comes to talking about his father and the impact his absence had on his family. A lot of people growing up without a dad, regardless of the why, can relate to what he’s saying when it comes to growing up without his pops.”

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