Armond WakeUp 'Even If I Lose' Out Now

"I Am The Won" is the lead single from Armond WakeUp's new album Even If I Lose. It features production from Tee-Wyla and J. Rhodan with cuts by DJ Because. It released today via Illect Recordings.

Armond shares, "I wanted to make an anthem for us. The redeemed. The found. Being "the one" could be taken as selfish, but knowing that we are "the won" as a community as a Body of believers is something to celebrate. I think sometimes we get so concerned with the Great Commission of "saving souls", we forget that we were those souls that needed to be saved, and that we need to be redeemed & renewed with the same power that saved us. It's a beautiful thing."

Even If I Lose is available at all digital outlets.

Audio: Armond WakeUp "I Am The Won (feat. DJ Because)"