Steven Malcolm "Tattoo Stories"

Steven Malcolm recently released a video delivering his testimony. He grew up fatherless; his mother went into rehab when he was 10. His life story is delivered while getting a new tattoo in Nashville that is in honor of his new record company, Word Entertainment's 4 AGAINST 5 (IVAV). It’s a unique, but modern setting, for a young man to talk about his tough life and how God rescued him in his teens.

Steven Malcolm's “Hot Boy” is available on all digital music outlets and has already garnered 16,000 streams in less than a month. At the same time, the single has already been picked up by ESPN as music for the NBA games. This is the first song to be released from Malcolm’s upcoming self-titled album that releases Feb. 17, 2017, with pre-advanced orders to begin Jan. 6, 2017.