Tenth Avenue North Drops New Single “Paranoia”

Today, Tenth Avenue North released a new single from their upcoming album - No Shame - set to release on August 2nd. You can hear "Paranoia" streaming below and download it today on iTunes. After more than a decade on the road, five studio albums and a season of transition, the band has found themselves wondering what they wanted to say next. 

This collection of songs on their sixth LP, No Shame, finds Tenth Avenue North feeling more free than ever before. "This new record is our favorite one yet and this song could possibly be a top favorite," the band shared on social media when speaking about the release of "Paranoia."

The band’s feelings run deep on No Shame and reveal the personalities of the band members that lie just beneath the serious subjects they sing about. It also builds upon many of the insights they’ve gleaned in counseling sessions, starting with giving themselves permission to feel.

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