Hollyn Drops New Song "I Don’t Know If We Can Be Friends"

Gotee Records' Hollyn has announced her new 6-song EP, bye, sad girl., that will release on September 6th. Leading up to the release in September, a new song will be available each month. In addition to the lead song from the project ("i feel bad for you"), the track "i don't know if we can be friends" is now available as a pre-order instant grat on iTunes.

"I often reflect on the times I've been alone and those moments where you're trying to figure it all out," shares Hollyn  "We have all been there, like our feelings are waves 20 feet tall, about to capsule us and never let go. In those moments, all I wanted was a hug... for someone to look me in the eyes and let me know I was seen, I was loved, and I could make it through whatever was overwhelming me. If I wouldn't have had people who volunteered to be there for me, acknowledge my feelings, and empower me, I don't know where I'd be today. Recently, I thought to myself... what about the girl who has no one? What is she going to do when grief swallows her and abandonment stings her soul? What if she doesn't know there's a God who loves her, or even refuses to believe in that kind of thing? How do I comfort her eventhough I'm thousands of miles away, and we've never met? By sharing my story, my grief, my abandonment, my freedom, my thoughts, my emotions... that might just bring her that sense of comfort she's been waiting for. Because, you see, we are not alive to fix people's problems, but to empower and love alongside them in the way they should go." 

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