Chris Tomlin Unveils New Single/EP “Nobody Loves Me Like You”

GRAMMY winner and worship leader Chris Tomlin surprised fans this week with the release of a brand new radio single “Nobody Loves Me Like You” and an EP of the same name. “Nobody Loves Me Like You” will be released to radio on September 14th, but the new EP is available for download today on iTunes.

nobodylovesmelikeyouThis four track EP is just a preview of what to expect from Tomlin this year as his all new Holy Roar studio album has a street date of October 26th. A companion book Holy Roar: 7 Words That Will Change the Way You Worship will be available October 23. 

“In the music world these days, it’s kind of the wild, wild west,” Tomlin shared in an interview with USA Today. “I thought, ‘Why not release a few songs early so people can hear some of the new songs?’ These are songs I’ve been working on for over a year, and I’m excited for people to hear this first chapter of ‘Holy Roar.’”

This is Tomlin's first new release since his highly celebrated Never Loose Sight album, which dropped in October 2016.

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