Sarah Reeves Releases New Song "Feel The Waters"

Word recording artist Sarah Reeves has released another new song from her highly anticipated upcoming album. After surprising fans with "Right Where You Want Me" in January, Reeves is back with another new song. "Feel The Waters" is available for purchase on iTunes and is streaming below.

"I got another one for ya and this one is one of my favorites," Sarah said of her newest song. "It is unlike anything I’ve ever released before because it’s actually a love song to my husband! It’s vulnerable and personal as it tells the redemption story of our once broken marriage."

Reeves added, "There are too many songs out there about breakups and giving up. This is our story of forgiveness, enduring hardships and fighting for the greater love. It’s romantic and I actually got the first line of the chorus straight from scripture - Song of Solomon 4:11 - 'The kisses of your lips drip honey'. God created romance and I’m not afraid to sing about it! I pray that this inspires you whether you’re married, single or dating. Love is worth fighting for."

You can see Sarah live in concert as she is a special guest on the “An Evening With Colton Dixon & Hawk Nelson” Tour, set to launch on February 22.

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