Rend Collective Drops New Single "Rescuer"

Irish worship band Rend Collective has released a brand new single. "Rescuer" is now available for download on iTunes and the official music video for the track is playing below.

rescuer"Feels like we've been waiting forever to share this song with you all. It marks a new chapter for us as a band. As those of you who have been listening and adventuring alongside us for the past few years will know, we're committed to the truth that no matter what life throws at us, following Jesus is the purest, deepest, most life-giving source of joy," Rend Collective shares in discussing the new single.

The band adds, "So then what does it look like for us, as Christians, to be messengers of that good news? There's a lot of bad news out there but no matter what we have good news and that good news has a name: Jesus Christ - our Rescuer...You see, we believe that wherever you land on that spectrum Jesus should always sound like good news. He accepts us right where we are. He is intimately acquainted with our hearts. He's our friend, our courage, our rest and our way. He's our RESCUER."

Join Rend Collective for a live night of worship, featuring some of their new music, this summer in the US and abroad. See the latest tour schedule here

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