NF Releases "Intro 2" From Upcoming Album

Christian rapper NF is giving fans their first preview of new music today. NF just released the music video for "Intro 2" from his upcoming album, Therapy Session, due out on April 22, 2016. This record will follow up his chart-topping 2015 release Mansion.

NF spoke about the new album in a recent interview with Rapzilla, saying: "If you’re an NF fan and you like the first record, I think you’re going to love this record. You might like it more. I don’t know. It’s really grimy. It’s really in your face, kind of like the first record. But it’s also very diverse...I just want to make an album that represents me, but also is different from what people are doing, and I think that’s what I’m doing. I’m pumped about the record."

Read more about Therapy Session here and check out the music video below! You can download "Intro 2" on iTunes now.

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