TCB Exclusive: Switch Talks 'Symphony' Inspirations

Billboard’s 2019 No. 1 New Christian Artist of the Year, Switch, recently released their new full-length album Symphony via DREAM Records. The new 10-song album was produced by Grammy Award nominated producer Louis Biancaniello, Michael Biancaniello, and Life.Church’s JT Murrell and Dameon Aranda. The title track broke Billboard records when it held the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Christian Hot AC / CHR chart for 13 consecutive weeks and twice earned the highest number of spins in one week for the Billboard Christian Hot AC / CHR chart. By the year’s end, “Symphony” was named the Hot CHR Chart’s #1 Song of the Year. And, their new lead single "Count Me In" is quickly gaining momentum on radio. Recently, members of Switch talked with us about their inspirations for the record and their hopes for the new collection.  

Congratulations on the recent release of your Symphony LP. What has the reaction been like so far to these new songs?
Thank you so much! It’s been absolutely amazing to witness what God has done with this album. It’s honestly overwhelming for us to hear all the stories of how He’s used the songs to reach specific people in their time of need, and we’re grateful to have a part in it.

How would you describe the sound of this record to new listeners?
Our songs are essentially faith-filled pop songs. The sound is influenced by Top 40 music, so our melodies sound familiar to anyone who listens to that kind of music. For this album, we really tried to push the limits and explore sounds we haven’t heard before. We worked with Louis Biancaniello who is a Grammy Award nominated producer who has produced albums for some top mainstream pop artists. It was a lot of fun, and we hope that comes through in our songs.

Who or what were some of your biggest inspirations, spiritually and musically, in cultivating this collection of songs?
We find inspiration in so many different places. Our sound is influenced by modern pop music and we get ideas from our contemporaries, but we’re definitely trying to break musical boundaries with our songs. And of course, we’re constantly inspired by the stories we hear from people in our church. As pastors and songwriters, we really believe our purpose is to shine light on God’s truth in the middle of life’s difficulties. Anxiety and depression are real-life issues. We all face challenging times in this life, and we shouldn’t downplay or cover it up. It’s exactly what Christ came to save us from. So, we’re not going to dance around the hard issues. We are committed to writing songs of prayer for people in the global Church to cling to, especially when life gets tough.

Which of these new songs was the most challenging to write or record?
Probably the most challenging new song we wrote is “Overflow” because it took us some time to find the right vibe. It is very different from what we’ve done in the past. Originally, the song started somewhat abrasively with a hard synth sound. When we had the idea to put the post-hook at beginning of the song, it all came together. Now, that’s our favorite part of the song and the most interesting melodically.

How will you define success for the album?
The album has a good mix of carefree songs that are easy to listen to and songs that speak to deeper issues and the struggles we all go through. That combination of songs is intentional. When people listen to this album, we hope they will be reminded that Jesus is in everything. It’ll be a success for us if people hear these songs and understand that through all the highs and lows, God is always there with them, no matter what.

Following the immense success of the title track on radio, "Count Me In" is gaining momentum as your new single. Can you recall for us the story behind this song?
When we began to discuss what our second single would be, there was a lot of back and forth conversation. We wanted to be careful not to choose a song just because we thought it would be a hit, but to fight for what God has laid on our hearts. Our team chose “Count Me In” as the next single based on the message we want to convey and the sound we want to establish for Switch.
When we wrote “Count Me In,” there were many people in our church, and even people on our staff, who were facing overwhelming odds. We wanted to write a song for them that would help them speak hope and life over their impossible situations. One of the lines says, “Even when my legs are weary, I’m not going to give up that easy. Whatever comes, count me in.” This song is a declaration of victory over the enemy, and it’s our prayer over the Church.

2019 was a breakout year for the group, demonstrated by being named Billboard’s No. 1 New Christian Artist of the Year. What are your biggest hopes for 2020 and what comes next after this LP release?
The momentum we’ve seen with the song, "Symphony,” is proof of what God can do with a single seed planted in faith. God took the dreams we had for “Symphony” and multiplied them beyond what we ever could have imagined. For 2020, we’re expectant that He will continue to do what only He can do. We do our best to be obedient to share the stories and the truth He places on our hearts, and we trust Him completely with the result.