TCB Exclusive: Hulvey Talks About Freedom Found In Surrender

Coming off the heels of releasing his debut EP Prelude last month, Reach Records’ newest artist Hulvey surprised the world with “BRKNHRT: The Documentary” that debuted earlier in February on Reach Records YouTube channel. This short film is in anticipation of BRKNHRT, his second EP slated to drop today. While Prelude was created for the underdogs, sharing his story of being a guy from Brunswick, Georgia who nobody expected to make it in music, BRKNHRT., tells Hulvey’s journey of surrender and hearing God’s call on his life, and following it. Recently, Hulvey sat down to share the inspiration behind these projects and his hopes for these new songs.

Congratulations on the recent release of both Prelude and BRKNHRT! How do these titles reflect the unique collections?
Thank you! The 'Prelude' title was alluding to the idea that another project was going to drop surely after. It is an introductory statement. The title 'BRKNHRT.' reflects the idea of being broken before God.

What prompted you to release two different projects within a two month span?
I wanted to capitalize on the moment. I was really itching for 'BRKNHRT.' to come out ASAP so we had to make it happen.

How would you describe the sound of these projects to new listeners?
'Prelude' is more of a fun, energetic project while 'BRKNHRT.' is a somber yet hopeful project. It's full of guitars and lofi drums.

Sound aside, how have you evolved through the process of creating and recording this music?
So, I really started to learn how to be sensitive to when the Holy Spirit gave me visions of what to create. He gave me the vision for 'BRKNHRT.' in 2018, and so I've really learned patience in the process. It's hard to write without life experiences to pull from, so I had to use my experiences as a launch pad for what I wrote.

What were some life events that impacted the creation process of these new records?
Dropping out of college and moving to Atlanta was where I drew a lot of inspiration from as well as working at Publix. I had a surrender moment with God where I gave Him my passions and desires and let Him take control.

Which track are you most looking forward to listeners hearing?
I honestly love every song on 'BRKNHRT.' The one I'm most excited for fans to hear is "Everything", because it is a song of surrender.

What is one key takeaway message you hope listeners leave with after hearing the new projects?
There is freedom in surrender. Give your pain and baggage to God. Our lives are better in His hands than ours.

Success can mean a lot of things to many people. How do you define success for Prelude and BRKNHRT?
If it draws people's hearts closer to Him, then that's a win for me.

Aside from releasing these projects, what else are you looking forward to over the course of 2020?
I'm working on an album and preparing to perform a lot this year! I'm super excited about it all! The thing I'm looking forward to the most is embracing discipleship. I want to continue to grow into The Lord and learn from people that are ahead of the road.