TCB Exclusive: Jeremy Camp Shares Heart Behind 'The Story's Not Over'

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Jeremy Camp is back with new music! His highly-anticipated new album The Story’s Not Over is set to drop on September 20th. The album is available for pre-order now with instant downloads of several pre-released tracks. Camp wrapped the Hits Deep Tour with TobyMac this spring and has been heavily involved with the biopic feature film about his life, I Still Believe, which chronicles Camp’s personal story of love, loss and faith. Recently, Jeremy took some time to share a little about his heart behind the creation of The Story's Not Over.

Congratulations on the upcoming release of The Story’s Not Over! What does it mean for you to be so close to release day?
THANKS! SO excited this week! There is always so much work behind the scenes with so many people working so hard to help get these songs out to people. It’s very humbling that I get to do what I get to do and have so many people believing in it. I never take this for granted!

How long was this project in the making? When did you first have the vision for this album?
We started working on this album Summer of 2018. I think the vision for this album started taking shape a little bit in early 2018. I feel like I am constantly writing in my head, and when a lyric or melody pops in my head, I sing it into my phone so I don’t forget it. Could be on a plane, in the middle of the night, just sitting in silence in the morning, etc. Then there comes a time when you kind of plot and plan and go, 'okay we are going into the studio and going to start piecing this together and see what comes out of all of it.'

Can you share a little about the meaning behind the album’s title and how it is a reflection of the whole project?
The title, 'The Story’s Not Over,' very simply came from a place on my own walk through life back to when I lost my first wife to cancer, to my younger brother being born with Down Syndrome and my wife Adie having a miscarriage and a battle with anxiety that literally put me on the floor of my house for a week. I know that on this journey in life, when you are praying and seeking what God has planned for you and your own life, that the story of your life is NEVER over. It is always being shaped and continually molded by God for you to be living the BEST life that God has planned. That is where the title came from, and what the album represents as a whole; a story of hope and redemption for all of our lives through Jesus.

What is one key message that you hope listeners take away from this album as a whole?
That in all of our own individual stories, unique to only us and no one else, God wants to use us for HIS kingdom everyday! No matter where you are in life, the highest highs or lowest lows, God will always use you if you are seeking him, because HE is good in all things!


Which track are you most looking forward to sharing and why?
There is a track called “Father” on this album that we wrote in 2 hours, or something like that. It is one of the more raw and emotional songs that I have written in a while. There is a lyric that says, “I find myself on a verge of a breakdown, then you hold me in your hands, remind me who You are and who I am.” The song goes on to talk about God being our Father and how He loves us no matter what! I absolutely love this song. It came out of a deep place for me.

Who or what were some of your biggest inspirations, spiritually and musically, in developing this collection of songs?
My family and I recently moved out of Nashville literally to the desert. We felt in this new season we were walking into we needed to go to a place of rest. We absolutely love Nashville but knew without a doubt God was moving us. Funny enough, the desert analogy came into play throughout the entire album. The cover and videos were shot in the desert, and it just has that theme of God stripping away the old and creating the new, and a desert seems to be that for us. I so love being out in the desert and love where we live. Feels like God is all over this season which creates such peace for our family! That was the real inspiration for all these songs.

Success can be defined in many ways. What is your definition of success for The Story’s Not Over?
I think for this album, honestly, its that I was obedient. I feel with what God was doing in me and through me in creating these songs wasn’t over thought--I wasn’t writing for anything in particular. This album is a lot different musically for me. After doing this for 18 years now, you are always wanting to create something new and hopefully fresh, and I am loving what we did on this album.

What do you have lined up for the rest of the year after this release?
Well, the album is just the start in this new season. We have a couple books coming out before March of next year, and then we have a movie that was made on my life, I STILL BELIEVE, releasing by Lionsgate and the Erwin brothers (the directors for I CAN ONLY IMAGINE) on March 20, 2020. SUPER excited about all of this. Just saw the movie the other night and it is a surreal experience. It is kind of weird honestly to see all these actors play a story of your entire life. KJ Appa, Britt Robertson, Shania Twain, and Gary Sinise are just some of the actors, which is crazy! Pretty excited about this next couple years!