TCB Exclusive: Life.Church Worship Previews New Live Record 'God So Good'

Oklahoma's Life.Church Worship is gearing up to release their new highly anticipated live album. God So Good, recorded at the Edmond, Okla. location, is set to release on September 20 via DREAM Worship. The eleven song album was produced by JT Murrell, co-produced by Dameon Aranda and David Wellman, and mixed by Sean Moffitt. The album's first single, "God So Good," continues to make an impact with adds to Spotify's New Music Christian Friday and WorshipNow, Pandora's Praise & Worship and Amazon's Fresh Christian playlist. In addition to "God So Good," tracks "Life To Me" and "To God Be The Glory" are available to those who pre-order the collection. Just days before the new record drops, the Life.Church Worship team talked with us about the vulnerability of a live recording, their unique sound and the message behind God So Good

Congratulations on the upcoming release of 'God So Good.' Can you give us an idea of how long this project has been in the making?
Thank you so much! We’re very excited about this live album. It was sometime in early 2018 that we really got intentional with writing songs for the album, and we kept writing right up until the last minute before the live recording in the spring of 2019. We probably went through 100 songs to get to the 11 we chose for the album. We’re very happy with where the album landed.

Can you share about the decision to choose "God So Good" to represent the collection as the album's title track?
With this album, we really wanted to emphasize the goodness of God. No matter if we’re in a season where everything is going right or everything is going wrong, He is still good. So, the title track “God So Good” made perfect sense to us.
The bridge of the song says, “I’m not a slave to sin, so I’m singing you are good. Buried with Christ to rise in your freedom, you are good. When you make a promise, Jesus you keep it. You are good. So I’ll praise your name as long as I’m breathing. You are good!” When we sing those lyrics in our church, the roof comes off the place! We recognize that in the end, we’re all just a bunch of messed up people, but singing about the promises of God gives us an air of God confidence that’s palpable. The song’s message truly resonates with listeners, and that made for a strong driving force in selecting it as the title track.

How does this album differ from prior releases?
This is the first album where our team was really intentional in focusing on our writing and collaborating more strategically so that we could create music at a higher level. Previously, I’d say we were learning to walk. Now, we’ve found a rhythm and developed a unique sound that captures the heart of our church, and we’re excited that it resonates with people outside the walls of our church, too.

What do you remember about the time when this live album was recorded? What was the feeling in the room?
There’s something beautiful and profound about the imperfection and vulnerability of a live moment. If you can capture that, and I think we have, anytime you listen to the album, you’ll feel the power of that moment again.
On the night of the live recording, we wanted to magnify the atmosphere that attendees experience during a weekend service at Life.Church. To do that, we held the recording at one of our locations and invited people from our church to participate so we could truly capture the heart and sound of Life.Church. It was truly an incredible moment that none of us will ever forget.

When did you first feel the calling to help bring the group's sound to a national audience?
Life.Church Worship released its first album, 'Fully Devoted,' in early 2016 as a part of the church’s 20th anniversary. It marked our first appearances on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums and Top Heatseekers charts, but we were still figuring out our sound. 'God So Good' is honestly years of dreaming come to reality. It means a lot for us to tell the stories of our church. Even more than that, Life.Church has always had a heart for serving other churches around the world, so being able to impact the global church with our worship makes it that much sweeter.


Of these new songs, which track was the most difficult to write or record?
The song “Grand Design” proved to be a bit tough, but completely worth it. It was born out of a thought one of our contractors had, “You make dust your grand design.” That was so profound to us that we knew we wanted to make a song out of it. We probably went through 15 iterations until we got it nailed down. The lyrics tell the story of how God created mankind from dust. He made the ordinary into something extraordinary like only He can do. It was absolutely a labor of love, and we’re so glad we stuck with it.

Which song do you think the world most needs to hear at this moment in time?
We really love the song “Life To Me,” which is why it is one of the songs available when listeners pre-order the album. In the chorus it says, “Your love is life to me. It’s written on my heart like a melody, reminding me in calm and in chaos, I cannot outrun your love.” For those who know Jesus, we confidently sing these lyrics at the top of our lungs because we know that when someone comes to faith in Jesus, we are seeing the dead come to life. This song serves as a reminder that His love can breathe life into us, our world, and every circumstance. Through every circumstance, good or bad, He is close and His love gives us life.

Were there any personal stories or events that influenced the songs on this new record?
Every song is written as a prayer with a specific person and their unique circumstances in mind. For example, “When I Say Jesus” was written for a dear friend of one of our writers. She had just lost her husband after being married only three months. She didn’t know Jesus, but wanted to learn about Him. The words of this song were what our team wanted her to know—that there’s hope and power in the name of Jesus. His name alone can get us through the most difficult circumstances. Just a few months later, that same writer who brought his friend’s story to the table lost his dad and two of his closest friends. In those moments of grief, he remembered the words he’d helped write, and he was reminded that God was with him in his darkest hour. This song and story are powerful testaments to God’s ability to destroy doubt and fear, and replace them with comfort and hope.

What message do you hope listeners take away from this collection?
These songs show both the infinite and intimate character of God. He's the Creator of the universe, but at the same time, He touched the dirt when He made man. He is close to us, and through every season, He is good. Through the ups and downs, in the unknown, and even in our brokenness, we can declare His goodness.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations at the moment?
We’re constantly inspired by other groups that have grown out of the local church—Bethel, Elevation, and Hillsong. It’s amazing to see such powerful songs coming from so many different houses of God. I’d also say our sound has a modern feel that’s influenced by the top pop songs. Our music has a similar vibe to what you might hear on any Top 40 radio station, but with lyrics that tell about the hope we have in Jesus.