TCB Exclusive: Jed & Claire Seneca Share About The Meaning Behind 'Carry You Through'

Award-winning husband/wife country duo Jed & Claire Seneca return with the highly anticipated Carry You Through, releasing October 26 on Frethouse Records, and available at leading digital outlets. Produced by Jed Seneca, the collection features 11 selections marked by the common themes of faith; marriage and family; and holding onto hope in the midst of life’s challenges. Recently, Jed and Claire took some of their time to share about their season of life and Carry You Through.

Congratulations on the upcoming release! How does it feel to know listeners will soon be able to hear your new music?
carryyouthroughJed: When we decide to record a new project, much time and consideration goes into the process of writing and choosing songs that showcase the values we hold dear. It is our desire that every song can touch someone in need of an uplifting, encouraging message. It’s an honor and very gratifying to know that our music can potentially have a positive impact on someone who takes the time to listen. These songs are our lives and our hearts, and we are excited to share them with the world.

The inspiration behind much of Carry You Through is personal – what was the most challenging piece of the process for you regarding this album?
Jed: The recording process has multiple phases that can take weeks or months to complete before we can move on to the next phase. Carry You Through took us approximately a year-and-a-half from start to finish. The most challenging part for us was balancing our busy schedules to actually get in the studio and sing the songs. We are fortunate to have a production room in our home and we do all vocal overdubs, mixing and mastering in-house, but sometimes it’s hard to stop and let it be finished. Our favorite part of the process was tracking the songs in Nashville with all the great musicians.

You have a few collaborations for song-writing on Carry You Through – what was it like working with others to bring this together?
Jed: We love collaborating with other writers who share the values we believe in. We contacted several different folks with a title or a song concept and waited to hear back. We received great responses and are very happy with how these songs turned out.

If there is one message you hope listeners take away from Carry You Through, what is it?
Claire: We hope people will be encouraged. Perhaps one song or phrase will cast light over a situation they are going through and give them the strength to believe and have faith that God sees them and cares for them. He has not deserted us but is watching and pulling for us to come through. Don’t give up! He loves you and His love does not fail.

How do you think you have changed most since your first album release over 20 years ago?
Claire: We’ve moved around the country quite a bit and have had to adapt to many changes in that process. We have matured along the way and circumstances have caused us to dig deeper into our faith to discern God’s leading. At times we have felt like the Israelites wandering through the desert, feeling uncertain of our future. Like everyone else, we have faced some difficult things along the way. Being totally transparent, I would have to say that Jed has been the one “carrying me through.” He sees the glass half full when I can’t. I want to see the plan laid out in front of me and God doesn’t really work that way, which is why a day-to-day relationship with Him is so important. These struggles have caused us to realize that when all is said and done, without our faith in Jesus Christ everything is meaningless. As it says in Ecclesiastes, “...for without Him, who can eat or find enjoyment?” To the person who pleases Him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness. God had plans for Sarah at the age of 90, which is a sign of encouragement that God can still use us at any stage of our lives.

How did music stay central to your life, even when you weren’t releasing new music?
Claire: Music has always been a part of our lives. We have led worship in many churches along the way and have always had a desire to write and sing. Jed is still involved in the recording and mixing side of the industry as an engineer, and he mentors many musicians and consults on production and sound. Over the years, we’ve also played country cover songs for different events, trying to keep our performance skills sharp.

What is next for you after Carry You Through’s release?
Jed: We love creating new music and are always in that mode. We’ve already begun a new project and have a few songs that we feel will be a good follow-up to Carry You Through, continuing with our message through music.