TCB Exclusive: Matthew Parker Talks Inspiration Behind 'Daydreamer'

Matthew Parker's Daydreamer will be releasing on October 26th, following up his highly successful album Adventure. Pre-orders are available on iTunes, Amazon, and Apple Music, featuring the immediate release of his song "Good Memories" and new radio single "Breathe." Parker's latest radio track debuted as the most added song on the Billboard Christian Hot AC / CHR chart. Recently, Matthew took some time to discuss the inspiration behind his upcoming project.

Congratulations on the upcoming release! How does it feel to know that listeners will soon be able to hear the first pre-order tracks/singles off the new album?
daydreamerIt's incredibly exciting! I mean, I've been working on this album for a long time, and it's almost surreal now thinking like "Is it really finally actually coming out?" Especially since the past 2 years of my life have been pretty much dedicated more or less to this one thing. So yes, very excited.

You’ve been working on Daydreamer for almost two years, since your Adventure release – what was the most challenging piece of the process for you?
I would say the most challenging part of making Daydreamer was raising my songwriting standards so much compared to before that I definitely wrote at least twice as many songs than what actually made it onto the album. That is to say, it's hard to write like 40-50 songs, and it's even harder to see some of them fall by the wayside, but I mean, what artist doesn't have a million projects in the works, many of which may never see the light of day? Just a casualty of the profession, I suppose. I do hope to actually finish some of those songs though.

You have a few collaborations on Daydreamer – what was it like working with Holly, Austin, and Landry?
It's always very fun to feature artists on a song! With Holly, I actually have worked with her on some of her own music, so one time when I was on a trip to Holly's home state of Washington to write with her, I brought along a song I was mostly done with, "Paradise", with the idea of having her jump on it with her airy, silver voice. It turned out beautifully if I may say so. And Austin as well is someone I've worked with a little bit as a producer, and I felt that the slightly humorous, positive vibes of "Every Other Day" just made sense with Austin's vibe as a rapper. You'll just have to see what that one's like. Last but not least, the collaboration with Landry actually came together very last-minute the last few days before I had to turn in my album. He hit me up and said he heard I was finishing my album and might be interested in featuring some vocalists. I didn't really have any songs that had space for a feature, but then I remembered I had this beat that I wasn't going to have time to write and record any vocals for. So I was like "Well, if you can write and record some vocals on this song, then awesome!". So Landry threw together some lyrics and recorded it all in a day and sent me his vocals, and I threw them into my project and it really turned out cool. This is my first time releasing a song of my own that has another singer and none of my own vocals, and as far as I know, it's the first time Landry has been on a melodic dubstep song, so lots of firsts. I love collaborating with artists when it actually works out.

If there is one message you hope listeners take away from Daydreamer, what is it?
The overall concept behind Daydreamer is that sometimes you find yourself in a place in life where you don't want to be, and everything just isn't all peachy and wonderful at the moment, but there is always hope for the future, and even in those moments you can daydream of a day when life will be better.

What (or who) was your biggest inspiration while writing and recording this album?
In the making of this album, I've been inspired by artists like Imogen Heap, Post Malone, The Chainsmokers, Marshmello, Jon Bellion, Twenty One Pilots, Charlie Puth, and others, but I'd still have to say, maybe not in a direct way, but even just in the way his music has shaped me, Owl City is probably one of the biggest musical inspirations I've ever had, and I feel like his love for all things whimsical and dreamy, as well as some of his melodic tastes, have forever become a part of my musical psyche.

How does this album stand out from your previous two releases?
Daydreamer is much more lyrically driven than my last two albums, Adventure and Shadowlands. Largely from songwriting with other artists, I feel that my lyric writing has become much more solid than it used to be. Of course, that may mean less songs with long instrumental drops, sorry to all my hardcore dubstep fans, but I think in the end the songs are more meaningful and will impact more people. I've tried to be more real, raw, and honest in some of these new songs, and my vocals are more close and personal than in any of my previous albums. As much as the perfectionist in me thinks it could always be better, I'm very very proud of this album and the new sounds I've come up with. I hope it touches people and makes them feel something.

What is next for you after Daydreamer’s release?
My future's somewhat up in the air at the moment. I've been working on an album and then releasing it and then getting right back into making the next album pretty much ever since I started making music at age 12. But this time around, I've decided to take a little break once I finished my album and focus on doing more and better live shows. So that's what I'll be shooting for, but the future is always a little foggy. We'll see. For now, I'm incredibly excited for people to hear Daydreamer.