TCB Exclusive: Mack Brock Talks Debut Solo Album

Veteran worship leader, singer-songwriter and new Capitol CMG recording artist Mack Brock released his first-ever solo studio project, Greater Things, nationwide on September 14. The brand-new, nine-track album consists of digital songs inspired by God's continued faithfulness throughout challenging seasons. Last year, after a decade of being on staff, leading worship and producing the albums of Elevation Worship, Brock felt that the Lord was ending his assignment at Elevation Church and made the difficult decision to peacefully resign. Having no inclination as to where the Lord was leading next, he was able to spend time reflecting and writing and then, unexpected to him, began a new season as a solo artist. With lyrics that are relatable to so many, Greater Things considers what it means to step into the unknown by faith, believing for something, even when what is to come has yet to be seen. In support of his new release, Brock will hit the road alongside Mosaic MSC and Cody Carnes on the “Heaven Tour” this fall. Mack recently talked with TCB about the influences behind the new music, his exit from Elevation Worship and tour must-haves.

First off, congratulations on the release of your first-ever solo studio project, Greater Things. What does it feel like to have the finished record available for download?
It’s been a great journey to get to this place - with these songs, with this production - I’m happy that the songs are out in the world. They’ve meant a great deal to my family and me this past year, so I hope they carry the same encouragement for people that hear this record.

How would you describe the sound of this album as a whole to brand new listeners?
It’s definitely a worship record. The songs are an offering, something we can bring before God - our fears, struggles, and praises. These are songs that can be a conversation with God. Sonically, it's not too far from what I’ve done musically in the past -- maybe a little bit more experimentation with the sounds. We explored a lot with the samples we used and the foundation of pads and synths.

Who or what were some of your biggest inspirations in developing this collection?
This collection of songs was inspired mostly by the season of life I’ve been in the past 18 months or so. That’s where the “meat” of the content came from. I was also influenced by the people that came alongside me to work on this album. Writing and producing these songs with the people involved was an inspiration. It stretched me and challenged me in so many good ways.

Thinking back to the writing and recording process, was there a track on the album that you remember identifying with first that made you say, “This has to go on the record”?
The very first song we recorded - and I think the first song I wrote that made it on the album - was “Greater Things,” and it immediately connected with me and where I was at in life at the time. Focusing my attention on the truth that God is in our presence always - He never leaves us, He never fails us, no matter what season of life we’re in. That was such a good reminder for me personally.

Were there any songs that were particularly challenging to write or record?
“Into Dust” was a tough one. It went through several rewrites, and we even got in the studio and recorded a full version of the song before realizing it had some major issues that needed to be worked out lyrically and melodically. We scrapped that version, rewrote it some more, and eventually landed where it’s at now. The fight for that one was tough.

If there is one message you hope people take away after listening to this album, what would it be?
God is faithful! That can feel like a basic concept in Christianity, but it's easy to forget. Our anxiety, stress, struggles can take our minds off of His goodness and faithfulness so often. We need to remind ourselves daily that He is faithful, and fix our attention on that.

After a decade with Elevation Worship, you say that you felt that the Lord was ending your assignment at Elevation Church. How did that manifest in your day to day workings?
It didn’t really manifest in my day-to-day much except for in my prayer life. It was a wrestling match with God when my wife and I were praying about the decision -- uncertain as to what our future might look like. God had patience with us in the midst of our struggle and our prayers. Ultimately, He has been so kind to us as we’ve taken each step, day-by-day, with His prompting.

Looking ahead to your upcoming time on tour this fall, are there any must have items you want to take with you?
The biggest “must have” item for me on tour, outside of equipment and gear, is my Apple AirPods. One of my favorite things to do is to walk around the cities we’re in with a podcast playing. It’s the most relaxing thing to me.