TCB Exclusive: Nathan Sheridan Shares Deeply Personal Inspiration Behind New Album

Broken With You, the Burtonwood Records debut from singer/songwriter Nathan Sheridan, releases September 14, distributed by New Day Christian Distributors (physical) and Capitol CMG (digital). Featuring 11 songs written or co-written by Sheridan, the collection draws from the young artist’s powerful life story of overcoming profound adversity and loss. Sheridan was born in Pensacola, Florida, to parents dealing with addiction. Raised by his grandparents in Pearl River, Louisiana, during his childhood Sheridan tragically lost his older sister to brain cancer. He made a commitment to Christ when he was 14, and upon high school graduation enlisted in the National Guard where he served six years. While deployed in Kuwait, Sheridan led worship for fellow soldiers, providing a foundation that impacts his ministry today. Sheridan and his wife, Harley, live near Nashville. Nathan recently took a few minutes to share with us some insight into his new record and upcoming tour plans.  

Congratulations on the upcoming release of Broken With You! How does it feel to be so close to sharing this project?
brokenwithyouIt feels surreal, honestly. This is my "big debut" and I am so ready to share it with the world. I really hope people will be blessed by this music.

How long was this album in the making? Can you describe the creation process, since you wrote / co-wrote the project?
The creation process has been over a year. I buckled down after I moved to Nashville and began writing more frequently. I had no immediate plans to cut a record, but I knew I would need songs for future projects. When I signed to Burtonwood Records, I was able to pull from all the songs I had been writing. I was fortunate to write or co-write every song on the album, so that makes the project feel even more personal. My producer, Jeremy Holderfield, and I worked tirelessly on this record, and it took us about four-and-a-half months in the studio from start to finish.

What or who do you feel was the biggest inspiration around creating Broken With You?
I think my story—and the need to tell others about it—has been my biggest inspiration. I know many people can relate to what I’ve been through in some way, and even for those who may not identify with my journey, there are worship songs as well as some fun tunes on this record. I am hopeful there's something for everyone.

If there is one message you hope listeners take away from this project, what would it be?
I hope listeners will understand that we serve a massive God who doesn't love in pieces. He really loves you with all of Himself, and it doesn't matter where you've been or even where you are currently. It doesn't matter what your story is. Regardless of the brokenness and pain you are experiencing, God is still right there in the midst of it and if you call out to Him you will receive the peace you've been longing for.

These songs are all deeply personal to you – how do you draw from such a vulnerable place and have this influence your music?
It’s a deliberate choice to draw from a personal place and to be as honest and vulnerable as I can. It’s the testimony of what God has done in my life and I believe people will come to know Christ by hearing my story. I think I will always write from that place. It's just part of who I am, and I feel a responsibility to be transparent.

How would you describe your musical sound to new listeners?
All over the place. I love folk; I love funk; I love worship; and I love pop. It's all there and sometimes it's all mixed in together. I wanted to serve the songs in this album by showing off some different styles. I love to keep things fresh and new. It keeps things fun for me and the listener.

What is next for you after Broken With You's release?
Touring. Touring. Touring. I have about 35 dates ahead of me on the Small Town Worship Tour with Seventh Day Slumber and Brooke Robertson. The tour is giving me a chance to promote this record and get in front of listeners. I'm going to be touring as much as I can over the next year. I love performing and ministering to people. It's what I do, and I plan to keep this momentum going!