TCB Exclusive: Matty Mullins Talks Inspiration Behind 'Unstoppable'

Nashville-born CCM pop artist Matty Mullins known as front-man for the popular metalcore band Memphis May Fire is preparing to release his sophomore album via BEC Recordings. Unstoppable will be available everywhere on April 21st. The project is a collection of songs full of joy and worship, anchored in authenticity and earnest truthfulness, unafraid to declare victory over real brokenness. “God continuously opens doors with this project in a way that I've never experienced before,” shares Mullins. “I know God has me in Memphis May Fire for multiple reasons. I thought this solo project was just for fun, but He's continuously revealing Himself to me by saying, 'I want you to be fully invested in both of these projects.’ I believe God can use me in mainstream music and in Christian music at the same time, to introduce people to Jesus and to encourage those who already believe.” Matty recently took a few minutes to talk with us about balancing metalcore with CCM and the inspiration behind this new record.

First of all, congratulations on your upcoming album release! Would you please describe the story behind writing the songs of Unstoppable?
Thank you! Every song on this record is special to me in its own way but the theme that carries throughout the entire record is that I am weak, but HE is strong! It was such a blessing to collaborate with some amazing writers to put my heart to music. My goal for the album is that it will be a reminder for everyone that hears it, that the Creator of the universe loves them unconditionally through everything that life throws our way.

Would you please describe the process of involvement with two music careers - both Memphis May Fire and your solo project?
unstoppableAt first I was just devoting my time off from the band to work on this project, but God has continuously opened doors and now this is full time too. I love both projects so working on them at the same time never feels like “work”. It is truly amazing to just be obedient to God and watch everything unfold. 

The sounds of your solo albums are very bright and upbeat, a noticeable contrast to the metalcore sounds of Memphis May Fire. Would you please describe your thoughts behind the musical style of Unstoppable?
For the past eight years, God has given me countless opportunities to be a light in dark places with heavy metal music, and I take that very seriously. I grew up on pop music, Christian pop music to be exact. Christian music and Christian radio have been a staple in my life and I’ve always wanted to write music in line with that. At first, I thought my solo music would just be a side project to pursue for fun, but God has been continuously opening doors for this project too! I believe he wants me to be fully invested in both projects at the same time. I’m still trying to figure out what that looks like, but I’m just taking it one step at a time and praying that God will bless people with this album. 

How would you say your music has developed since your first solo release?
My first solo record was somewhat of an experiment. I just wanted to see what it would be like to do something on my own. I enjoyed making the record but there wasn’t much structure to it. For Unstoppable, I signed to a label that is very familiar with the world of Christian music and collaborated with some amazing songwriters. The process of creating Unstoppable was so eye opening and I can’t wait to continue to grow with future albums. 

You have collaborated with a few well-known artists within the CCM genre for Unstoppable. What was it like to work with Pete Kipley, Matthew West, and Jordan Feliz?
With Jordan, we connected over social media and through that I found out he was a fan of my band! I decided to reach out and see if he would want to collaborate on my record and he immediately said yes! It was so amazing how God orchestrated that whole situation and how it led to the title track of the album! Working with Pete Kipley and Matthew West was one word: MAGICAL. Both Pete and Matthew are incredibly talented songwriters and big influences for me. I felt like I was way out of my league but the co-write ended up going perfect and we wrote one of my favorite songs on the album. It’s called “Until I Need You.” I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

Which tracks are you most excited for listeners to hear?
I’m so excited about the whole album. There’s not a single “filler” track. I think different people will enjoy different songs. That’s what is so special about the album, it really feels like there’s something for everyone on it! 

What do you hope listeners will take away from this album?
Having grown up on Christian music, it’s such an honor to now be a creator of it. The theme that carries throughout the entire record is “I am weak, but HE is strong!” I believe God works miraculously through Christian music and my hope for the album is that God will use it to impact the people that He loves so dearly.

How would you say your walk with God has developed while writing and recording Unstoppable? What has He been doing in your life?
Christian music is so powerful for the listener and the artist because we all get to be a part of God's story through the form of song. God is always revealing his Unstoppable love to me and I love to sing about it! It has been so incredible to see the title track at radio and to hear about how it’s blessing people.