TCB Exclusive: Chris And Jodi Of Love & The Outcome Talk "These Are The Days" And Life On The Road

Husband and wife duo Love & The Outcome are set to release their long-awaited sophomore album, These Are The Days, with Word Records on September 23. Comprised of singer/songwriter Jodi King and bassist Chris Rademaker, Love & The Outcome's debut self-titled LP released in 2013 and launched the duo as a mainstay act at Christian radio and on the touring circuit. While their first project was created out of personal hardships, These Are The Days takes the duo into a more restful, yet celebratory, season. Chris and Jodi took a few minutes to share with us about These Are The Days and their traveling life with their son, Milo.


Congratulations on the release of your new single, "The God I Know." Can you tell us about the story behind the song and the message that you want to share through it?
The line ‘Hands up worries down’ is a reminder to me every time I sing it, that I need to worship instead of worry! I’ll never be perfect, I’ll never be able to earn God's love, I need to let go and let Him love me! So much of this album is about letting go and letting the Holy Spirit speak and lead and provide. The older I get the more I know that I don’t know!

How would you describe the sound of the new record to brand new listeners? And, how does it compare and contrast to your debut release?
Chris and I loved our first release. But listening back it feels like we were finding our feet as a band. Chris and I were two separate bands for a long time, and it wasn’t until Love & The Outcome formed a few years ago that we joined forces. He is a bass player and I’m a lead singer so for us to share the front of the stage took some getting used to! On These Are The Days I hear both of us represented so clearly. Chris’ rock influences and my pop influences. We also had a lot of new stories and experiences to draw from, especially becoming parents, so there are many new topics and conversations represented on this release. Growth.

Is there a certain song that has special meaning for you personally?
We wrote “Seek and Find” for Milo when I was 5 months pregnant. It's written as a letter to Milo, in anticipation of his birth.

Were there any songs that were particularly challenging to write or record?
We find writing challenging even on our best days! It’s a muscle we continue to work on and develop. “These Are The Days” was written last, when we thought we had said everything we wanted to say! But it was the cherry on top that summed up our whole project. “These are the days that we’ll never forget” was something Chris said to me reflecting on the upcoming birth of our son, walking along the street in front of our new house. It was a simple phrase that reminded me to celebrate the moments. That’s what this album is, a celebration of this season, this moment in our lives and all that God is doing.

Congratulations on the birth of your son, Milo! How does having an infant son affect your touring life?
It’s hard and wonderful! We have always wanted to travel as a family, so we haven’t left him behind yet! We hit the road when he was six weeks old so it’s all he’s ever known. We have a lot of people hold him and take care of him in moments where we need to be two places at once. So he gives and receives love so well from people! When he has a blowout and poops all over my clothes before a show, its a great moment to laugh and remember to not take myself to seriously! The biggest challenge is probably balancing our road life and our home life. It makes nap schedules tough to maintain.

You have a packed concert schedule coming up with Sadie Robertson’s Live Original Tour, Jeremy Camp’s fall tour, and Newsong’s Very Merry Christmas Tour. What are some must have items on the road?
Great coffee beans and our aeropress. Our coffee set up on the road gets us a lot laughs, but when our road mates smell the aroma, they all want a cup! We take coffee very seriously. Our Nikes so we can always go for a walk or run. Our amazing stroller and ergo carrier for Milo. Can’t leave home without those items! Oh, and my red ankle boots. They go with everything.

What would you consider to be the highlight of your musical career so far?
Meeting Amy Grant at the Dove Awards, as she downloaded our album onto her phone and said she wanted to learn to play a drum! Also, being around Steven Curtis Chapman and learning so much about the Lord and life just by being in his company.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working as a married couple? How have you seen your relationship grow as your career has grown?
We would have never been able to do this as newlyweds. Our egos needed to be tamed a few times to serve each other well. I think because we did it separately for a few years, we never take working together for granted. We’ve needed to establish boundaries around our home life. When the workday is done, we transition into husband and wife mode and let the band take a backseat. We also take Sabbath days where we turn off our phones and leave the car in the driveway and just hike and walk and chill together as a family.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?
Chris - The Beatles, U2, Striper.
Jodi - Amy Grant, Lauryn Hill, Shania Twain.

Thanks again to Chris and Jodi for taking the time to answer our questions! If you haven't yet, pre-order These Are The Days before it is released September 23rd.