TCB Exclusive: Lindy Conant Discusses Chart Topping New Album

To the surprise of many music industry insiders, Every Nation by Lindy Conant & The Circuit Riders, a previously unknown independent worship artist, debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Top Christian Albums following its June 4th releaseEvery Nation also debuted at No. 97 on the Billboard Top 200 and No. 19 on the Billboard Digital Albums Charts - completely independent of physical retail distribution.  Every Nation was produced by Gabriel Wilson (Bethel Music, KXC, John Mark McMillan), mixed by Sam Gibson (UNITED, Delirious, etc.), marketed by David Staley and released in partnership with RMA (Rogue Music Alliance) the brainchild of worship industry mainstays Gabriel Wilson and David Staley. Missionary, songwriter, worship leader - Lindy Conant is all three with one passion: to see every nation and every soul radically experience the love of Jesus. Conant recently took a few minutes to talk with us about her chart topping new album and the stories behind the music.

First off, we have to say congratulations on the release of Every Nation, debuting at No. 1 on Billboard's Top Christian Albums! Where were you when you heard the news? 
I was in Nashville at one of our Circuit Rider schools and thought the news was a joke! Haha! 

everynationWhat kind of behind-the-scenes work do you think lead to this strong debut?
Some of our core team has been together for a decade. So behind the scenes God was working on creating tremendous unity between us all to capture the heart of the Lord and what he wanted to communicate through our music. We continue to walk this journey together and along the way he brought two incredible young guys, Spencer Brennt and Kendall Fowler. They are the musical geniuses behind what we do. So when we met Gabriel Wilson, it was a perfect storm.

Take us through the journey to this record. Tell us how long this album was in the making and what it feels like to have the finished product available for download.
Wow, this question ALWAYS makes me cry! This album is about 8 years in the making. These songs have formed through significant moments as a community. Anthems were created as we continually were learning from God about the great harvest that is among us! To have this album for download STILL doesn’t feel real to me. Every testimony I hear or read makes it more and more real to me every time!

How would you describe the sound of the record to brand new listeners?
Heart Cry. I believe these lyrics have captured a heart cry. Jesus tells us to lift up our eyes and see that the harvest is ready. My prayer is that you not only would encounter God’s love through the lyrics, sounds, and melodies, but that you would see the people around you like never before. Also, our album DEFINITELY has an 80s flair to it. I think that is because everyone in the band has personal favor towards that genre! Haha!

LindyConant2Can you give us some insight into the meaning behind the title track and why you chose it to represent the collective record?
Yes. I chose this for the title track because it is the most significant moment I have ever had with the Lord. I was in a sound check and God began to show me a picture of people from all over the world. Suddenly chains were being broken off of them and they started proclaiming, “We have overcome by the blood of the lamb!” This moment marked me. I began to sing out what become the chorus of "Every Nation." 

Were there any songs that were particularly challenging to write or record?
YES! "Not My Will," it was one of my most favorite songs to write, but because we arranged it differently than I originally wrote it…it took me a few takes to get used to it!

Is there a certain song that has special meaning for you personally?
This sounds so cheesy, but they all do. Because this album was collectively created over the past 8 years. Each songs represents a different season and a different thing God was doing. "Come What May" is very special to me. My leader wrote the chorus, but the verses came out of a very raw and vulnerable time. The verses became my declaration to Jesus that I would always follow Him.

If there is one take away message you hope people grasp after listening to the album, what would it be?
Give Jesus everything. Loose your life to find it. He is worth it. He loves you.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?
Man, I am a midwestern girl that didn’t have a lot of specific musical taste growing up. I always loved music, but didn’t have a certain band or artist I followed. But I was always drawn to authenticity no matter the genre. I loved Celine Dion growing up, also enjoy Michael W. Smith. Their lyrics were honest! I still remember the first time I heard a Misty Edwards album! It wrecked me! Her heart was so exposed through her lyrics, I was SO inspired!!

In addition to writing and recording, we know that missionary work is very important to you. Give us an update on current projects and how people can help?
Circuit Riders are full time missionaries on college campuses! We have a passion for the lost to know and encounter Jesus. Every spring we go campus to campus gathering students for this very cause! In addition to that, I have a love for Mozambique! I go there once a year and wish I could live there. One day I hope to be a part of a team that head into the hardest and darkest of northern India, but for now I feel called to finish my assignment in America.