Jonathan McReynolds Finds Room For Faith In New Book

R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation announces today the release of Make Room: Finding Where Faith Fits, the debut book from award-winning Gospel artist Jonathan McReynolds. Drawing from the testimony of Scripture and the author’s personal experience, Make Room serves an approachable, witty guide to readers who find themselves enriched by the church-going experience, but struggling to integrate faith into their everyday existence.

“Unfortunately, making room for God is often the last thing we think of as we work to develop, broaden and solidify our lives,” McReynolds explains. “We will go to school, make money, marry, and still feel like there has got to be more than this. We look back on our choices and wonder if God was in them. This book encourages us to look forward and make sure God is in them.”

As a Chicago native raised in the church, McReynolds has relied heavily on a combination of hard work and unyielding faith to forge a successful musical career. As his schedule filled up and the responsibilities of the everyday took over, he found that he did not have direct, practical guidance on how to integrate his faith into life outside of the church. After spending years learning how to make space for God, McReynolds wanted to share his experience with others to help them find faith in the mundane.

Make Room guides seasoned and new believers alike in the various ways to make room for God — in public, in private, in your day, in your environment, and beyond. Whether read in increments or consumed in one sitting, Make Room will encourage people to consider God’s plan and inspire conversation on where and how to make room.

Make Room is available for purchase at and