Third Man Records Announces Nashboro Records Powerhouse Gospel Compilation

After almost 2 full years of researching, sourcing, planning and designing, Third Man Records is honored to present Give Me My Flowers, a compilation album of some of the most explosive, rare and life-affirming cuts from Nashville's far-too-underrepresented gospel label, Nashboro Records. As a preview of the album, Third Man has shared The Hightower Brothers' "Until He Comes," which is available to streamGive Me My Flowers will be available for purchase this Friday, July 13, and pre-orders are available now.

Most active in the 1950s and 1960s, Nashboro was an independent record store owner's dream come true, quickly growing from a local record shop's imprint label to one of the leading national voices in gospel music.

What made Nashboro stand out was its curatorial prowess, under the direction of Rev. Dr. Morgan Babb of the Radio Four, and its unmistakable lightly-reverbed, clear sound. This is the kind of stuff that would have made an ace live cover for Spacemen 3 or excellent samples for earlier Outkast.

Give Me My Flowers is representative of a very overlooked but seminal chapter in Nashville's music history. These musicians, store employees and businesspeople played a critical role in building the infrastructure for independent music to flourish in this city. Naturally, this is a cornerstone in Third Man's long-term mission to support and highlight the complete music histories of our home states of Tennessee and Michigan.

This compilation was assembled with producer and journalist Mike McGonigal (Detroit Gospel Reissue Project, Temperature's Rising: An Oral History of Galaxie 500) and transferred directly from the 45 collection of Kevin Nutt (Case Quarter Records, Sinner's Crossroads radio program).