New Radio Single From Hall Of Fame Vocalist Larnelle Harris

New radio single from Hall of Fame vocalist, Larnelle Harris, adds August 29. "Disturb Us, Lord" was written by Dave Clark, Tony Wood, and Lee Black. After five decades of making Christian music, what would make Larnelle Harris record yet another song? He certainly has nothing else to prove. No other awards to win. But when he heard “Disturb Us, Lord,” he knew he had something else to say.

There is a line in the song that he says particularly grabbed him: “Sometimes in Your great love, You comfort the troubled, but other times in Your great love, You trouble the comfortable.” “It was as though I had been set up to sing this song,” says Larnelle. “There are times in our lives when we simply need to be disturbed.’”

CCM Magazine called Larnelle “one of the greatest voices in Christian music history.” Four Hall of Fame inductions, five Grammy Awards, eleven Dove Awards, the Silver Bell Award for Distinguished Public Service, the Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award – all accolades that Larnelle appreciates, but never dwells on too much. He would rather you and I hear this song, and pray its prayer. He would rather you and I look at the cross that Jesus bore. He would rather get the message of this song to the Church as it just may be what the body of Christ needs to hear right now.