Title Published Date
Bethel Music To Release New Album "Starlight" April 7 04 March 2017
Bethel Music's Brian & Jenn Johnson To Unveil First Solo Album Together In More Than A Decade 13 January 2017
Bethel Music’s Jonathan David & Melissa Helser Receive First Dove Award 17 October 2016
Jonathan & Melissa Helser "Beautiful Surrender” Feature Story 30 September 2016
Jonathan & Melissa Helser "Catch The Wind" Preview Video 21 September 2016
Jonathan Helser "Find Me" Acoustic Video 20 September 2016
Bethel Music’s Jonathan David & Melissa Helser Release "Beautiful Surrender" September 30 14 September 2016
Bethel Music To Record Next Live Album During East Coast Tour 04 September 2016
Bethel Music Receives Unprecedented 10 Dove Award Nominations 13 August 2016
Bethel Music West Coast USA Tour Launches August 12 11 July 2016
Bethel Music Announces 2017 Heaven Come Conference In Los Angeles 14 June 2016
First Ever Bethel Music Conference To Be Broadcast On Daystar TV Network 20 May 2016
Bethel Music Collective Welcomes Kristiene DiMarco 05 May 2016
Bethel Music’s Heaven Come Conference To Gather Thousands From All Over The World 20 April 2016
Bethel Music "Son of God" Live Performance 24 March 2016
Bethel Music’s "Have It All" Becomes Worship Ministry’s Highest Billboard Top Albums Debut 21 March 2016
Bethel Music "Shine On Us" Live Performance 14 March 2016
Bethel Music Hosts Heaven Come Conference In Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theatre May 25-27 11 March 2016
Bethel Music Releases "Have It All" This Friday 07 March 2016
Bethel Music "Have It All" Feature Story 22 February 2016