Jesus Culture "Unplugged" Proves Just As Powerful

Jesus Culture Let It Echo Unplugged Album Review
My Rating: 4.5/5

Following the release of Jesus Culture’s hugely successful record, Let It Echo, the band has released an unplugged album containing acoustic versions of some of the best songs off their 2016 release. These new tracks maintain the strongest aspects of their originals while also taking on a fresh sound.

The album opens with the energetic and powerful song, “Never Gonna Stop Singing.” The song moves away from the electric guitar and synth sounds present in the original track, instead using piano and acoustic guitar. However, the stripped down version still holds the same level of energy as its original. The anthem-like chorus lyrics sing out with a passion matching that of the original. “We’re gonna lift you higher, higher / hearts burning bright like a fire, fire / voices unite make it louder, louder / we’re never gonna stop singing.”

“Let It Echo” begins with acoustic guitar and piano - substantially simpler than its original version. This simpler instrumentation emphasizes the lyrics, praying that “the windows of the Heavens [would] open wide.” Vocal harmonies accompany the rising dynamics as drums join the guitar and piano for a full and powerful bridge as the lyrics invite God to have His way and “let Heaven fall.” I thought the dynamics in this song progressed especially well from subtle and simple to full and strong, creating a moving and powerful sound.

“Fierce” is pretty similar to its high-energy original but still has a fresh feel with the more acoustic sound. Electric guitar is replaced by acoustic and piano, and a chorus of voices singing together can be heard above the softer music. This powerful collection of voices and harmonies passionately declare the love of God “crashing over [us] rushing in to meet [us] here.”

Jesus Culture artfully reinvents several of the best songs off Let It Echo, giving them fresh, acoustic sounds. While each song does have a more subtle feel, the instrumentation, vocals and lyrics do not lose any of their strength. Likewise, the passion and power we have grown to appreciate and expect from Jesus Culture is as present as ever with this latest release.

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